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How operators can reduce their overall acquisition costs

Within the iGaming industry, it has become increasingly difficult to keep down acquisition costs - it’s simply the nature of the beast. But, does it really have to be?

To be able to reduce overall acquisition costs, it's important for operators to move past simply focusing on acquisition and focusing more on the post acquisition onsite experience. 

Over the years as eCommerce has thrived and (and even more so within the last year when the pandemic has made online shopping a necessity and not just a nice-to-have!)This has driven consumers to have incredibly high expectations where their online experiences are concerned - demanding individual experiences and high-quality interactions. 

In such a densely populated industry with many operators offering the same or very similar games, it is vital to create added value to differentiate your brand so that you stand out from the competition and give consumers a reason to stay on your webpage. 

On top of this, many operators are pumping a lot of marketing budget into the top of the funnel via paid search, affiliate marketing and social media. All of these are channels that are critical to success we can agree, but if this traffic is bouncing once they hit the page a vast amount of your strategically invested budget turns into wasted spend. 

So, how do we resolve this problem? Well, the solution is rather simple: by shifting your focus slightly from being laser focused on acquisition, to putting your efforts into enhancing your conversion rate you can reduce your overall acquisition costs without shaking up your acquisition strategy too much. 

Even if you leave your acquisition spend exactly how it is, through fully optimising your website to add value to your visitors, conversion rate will creep up meaning you are converting more visitors into players for the same investment, reducing your overall CPA and enhancing your profit margin. 

Check out how to improve your conversion rates as an operator below👇🏼 !

Learn from your visitors’ behaviours

It can be difficult to understand exactly what it is that your visitors want, but through powerful machine learning algorithms to help you interpret and understand visitor intent, you can begin to analyse behaviours and just what they mean. 

This can help you to create the perfect messages for each visitor segment based on the behaviours they display while on your website - and for you this helps to bring in more conversions - and bring them in sooner. 

Use social proof to bring in more conversions 

It’s no secret that people look for reviews before they will invest - whether this is opening up their pockets to put a wager on a sports game, or to order an item of clothing. They want to know they can trust the brand before they make that first interaction. 

Reviews are great, but at iConvert we wanted to go one step further. We have created the Player Engagement bar just for retailers like you. Rather than purely seek the validation of others, we wanted your players to be able to get a taste of the thrill they will receive when registering and playing their cards right - and be their own social proof.

Your visitors will be greeted with the chance to interact with our scratchcard. The goal? Simply match 3 to win. Through creating these winning interactions for your visitors, this provides the positive experience and dopamine response to gently encourage your visitors to move towards registration and first time deposit, without force or disruption.

Test, test and test some more

We recently released our AB testing functionality, allowing you to customise your overlays and test which your visitors react better to, allowing you to fully tailor the onsite experience to your potential players. 

At iConvert, we believe testing is vital to success as it helps you gather crucial data to show you how to proceed next. Each small change could accumulate into big shifts for your conversion rate. 

Want to find out more? Fire an email across to hello@iconvert.io or give us a ring on 01642 214181 to hear more!

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