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How to utilise data to leverage acquisition and retention

Making data-driven decisions is crucial to sustained business growth for operators in the iGaming industry. Why?

Well... the data doesn't lie. It is a true representation of your players’ mindset and habits. Additionally, over time and the more data you gather, the more accurate your data will become. By analysing your data, iConvert anticipates and predicts the actions that players or potential players will take, to convert more visitors into players and get you ahead of the competition in the market. 

Many people think it’s all about the numbers - but really, the value is in what the numbers represent:

What stories are you told through your players’ behaviours? 

What do your players like? What don’t they like?

Are your players exiting from a certain page time and time again?

Your data can provide you with an incredibly strong foundation around which your growth strategy can be formed, by using this information to really get the most out of the insights you are collecting. 

In having a well defined, data-informed strategy, you empower your acquisition and retention teams to make well formed decisions. The entire team can easily and naturally work towards the same goal. 

Of course, there will always be some nuanced situations that arise that cannot be resolved purely with programmatic data, however, if all key decision makers have a strong understanding of typical player behaviours, likes, dislikes and online habits, this provides far stronger footing to make the right decisions intuitively, based on the story the data tells.

iConvert dashboards enable you to display a collection of key KPIs that update in real-time so that you can keep track of performance, as well as travelling along customer journeys from visitor to their first time deposit.

Truly understanding your visitors is key to converting a higher percentage into players, and to keep them coming back. It’s that simple. 

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