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A lottery of trust: creating positive experiences for your visitors


For Lottery operators, there’s a lot of existing competition on the market, meaning operators must get creative when looking to provide value over their competitors. 

To be able to differentiate and truly stand out from your competitors, it is vital to create added and tangible value to your visitors - providing a reason why they should stay on your page without any doubt.

Within any gambling vertical, many visitors are of the mindset that that in the long-run, the majority of players will be unsuccessful - creating a higher feeling of negativity when it comes to investing funds into any lottery or casino. This means that, along with assuring a visitor of your trustworthiness, operators must get creative in demonstrating the purpose of participating and create positive onsite experiences, to remind visitors of their chance of success. 

According to The Nielsen Norman Group (NNG), the below hierarchy (adapted from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for the online application) demonstrates the basic trust needs that need to be met before being able to form an ongoing relationship with a website:

Trust with sensitive or financial information

Visitors will need to feel secure in the fact that you will use their data safely and store it securely. It is important that operators can demonstrate that it is safe to leave their data with you.

Trust with personal information

How can you highlight that your website offering is valuable enough for the visitor to take the time to register? Can you assure them that your website can be tested with their personal information?

Interest and preference over other options

How can you demonstrate to your visitors that your website is better than the other options they may be weighing up? It’s important to be able to align your website with your visitors and create a relatable atmosphere.

Baseline relevance and trust needs that can be met 

Can you convey that your website allows the visitor to complete the task they are looking to achieve?

There are a number of ways to demonstrate trustworthiness to your visitors, to show them that you are the right operator to help them achieve their objectives:

Ensure your platform is HTTPS secure:

By showcasing that your website is encrypted by a secure socket layer, this shows visitors that you are doing what you can to securely store and use data in a sensitive and safe manner  - any sensitive information that is entered into the website is encrypted as it travels from the website to a server. 

Highlight your certifications and awards:

In highlighting industry partners and any relevant certifications or accreditations and awards, this adds another layer of credibility to your website and acts as another trust marker to website visitors. While not a requirement, these can be helpful to a user when weighing up if your website is a better option than the other operators, and helps to align with what the user is looking for. 

Provide social proof:

People look for reviews (on anything) before they are willing to invest - more than 90% of people will seek out peer validation before feeling they can trust a company or website. We think reviews are great - but we also took that social proof one step further with our Player Engagement Bar. Rather than purely seek the validation of others, we wanted your players to be able to experience a sense of winning before registration, increasing the likelihood of placing registration. We let your visitors create their own social proof - which highlights to the player that your website will allow them to achieve the task they set out to do, and the offer/ potential gain is worth spending the time completing registration.

Include your clients in your content: 

By including your clients and tailoring content to them, clients will resonate more with the website. Whether your narrative tells a story of a character your target audience can align with, and create a world where an audience is the hero - they are more likely to stick around due to a feeling of empowerment and is likely to help visitors decide to move forward with your website over a competitor site. 

Personalised experiences: 

Personalisation is a proven tactic to help increase key website objectives, such as registrations, conversions or FTDs. This is achieved through increasing the trust between a website and a website visitor, through making the content more relevant for the visitor. The iConvert onsite engagement software helps operators across a variety of verticals to create personalised experiences, through understanding true customer intent to deliver messages your visitors need to receive, at the most appropriate moment on their journey.

Want to find out more about increasing website trust to enhance engagement and all key KPIs? Simply fill in the form on our contact page, or send us an email to hello@iconvert.io and one of our specialists will be in touch! 

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