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How to make the most of your iGaming platform

How to make the most of your iGaming platform

We all know that getting dedicated time from your development team is an increasingly rare occurrence. Partnering with iConvert is akin to injecting some precious development time directly into your marketing team without the prioritisation battle.

Once integrated, the iConvert platform has been specifically engineered to be unobtrusive, yet still capable of gleaning valuable behavioural information about every visitor to your website.

Designed, built and backed using the latest web technologies, we absorb the expensive processing and storage costs for tracking and understand every visitor to your website.

The entrypoint:

Installing a ~100kb file on your product ( less data than this article!) is the entry point for iConvert. From this one little file, we can start interpreting and analysing visitor behaviour, to provide you the tools you need to optimally engage visitors and encourage registration or first time deposit.

The processing

Everything from this point is carried out by our server-side applications at no cost to your player’s load time and browsing experience.

Let’s run through a simple example of what goes on under the hood of a typical iConvert conversion:

The as yet unknown player triggers a custom and highly targeted campaign on your live casino page

Inspired by the campaign, the visitor engages with the software to head towards registration or first time deposit

Internally iConvert has built up a profile of that player based on a wide variety of metrics including but not limited to;

Unique session ID

Number of pages browsed


We understand that providing a deep and honest insight into the performance of campaigns is paramount to the success of our business relationships.

A dedicated account manager and real-time dashboards provide your marketing team with a plethora of data from which to learn from and further increase your player conversions.

At iConvert our primary aim is to increase your player acquisition. For more information get in touch on hello@iconvert.io

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