About us

We are CRO experts, and the first company of it’s kind in the industry. The concept of iConvert was formed due to an influx of requests received at previous eCommerce CRO companies.

However, this technology was solely designed for eCommerce - traditionally based around shopping baskets and checkout forms, that simply aren’t relevant in the iGaming industry. We combine the strength of a unified repository to yield your untapped pre-CRM data with the perfect combination of behavioural technologies, that deliver personalised interactions across desktop, mobile and tablet.

iConvert was born to enable iGaming operators to maximise their traffic and ensure conversions at the very highest level; all the way from registrations and first time deposits, to maximising lifetime value of their existing player base.

We reengineered the technology to align with the iGaming industry, giving our partners the world's first iGaming conversion solution. We provide a true end-to-end conversion platform. Its emergence in the market has replaced the fragmented experiences of siloed overlay systems with a cohesive, mapped out and relevant customer engagement methods with true attribution towards our conversions.

By partnering with some of the industry’s biggest platforms such as Aspire Global, SBTech, Every Matrix, The Mill and more, this has provided deep levels of insight and feedback - enabling us to keep pushing the boundaries of our solution, taking our software and service to new heights. Our dynamic campaigns and player engagement bar were born from the feedback of our clientele.

We removed the heavy integrations and slow-moving processes typical in gaming, ensuring our system remained intelligent, light and agile but yet still incredibly powerful. Our in-house team does all of the heavy-lifting, meaning that our operators have more time to maximise results and improve on KPIs.

Our bespoke service, managed from top to bottom, allows operators to tap into the insights of our industry experts, who live and breathe iGaming and CRO. The expertise and consultancy provided with your service is second to none - there is no point in having an amazing system that you cannot take advantage of. That's like having a Ferrari and driving it like a Renault Clio. Luckily for our clients, they get to do 150MPH down the motorway in their Ferrari, thanks to our expertise and support.  

Today, some of the world’s most successful licensed gaming operators choose iConvert to leverage fine-grained knowledge of their first-time visitors to predict and meet their needs, leading to valuable near missed conversions.

They came to your site for a reason. We help you convert them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the world’s leading iGaming conversion platform. We strive for a successful impact when delivering optimal new player acquisition - created through consistently positive player experiences, enhancing loyalty and in turn, lifetime value. We help our clients understand every customer and improve their journey, enhancing customer retention.

Our promise

We will empower you to enhance your conversion rate by 30%, influencing an increase in FTDs and customer LTVs. We’re so confident in our technology and our team that, if we don’t help improve your conversion rate within the agreed timeframe, we’ll give you a 3 months of service, completely free of charge.

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