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How operators can enhance conversion rates

An insight from our BDM, Jacob Ellington

Did you know that 96% of traffic that reaches an online casino will bounce without making a first time deposit, or even registering?

We’re often told about the frustrations of investing valuable time and money into various effective marketing channels, for the traffic to then bounce without conversion.

In taking a more proactive, strategic approach, operators can truly maximise their traffic and make the most of the marketing investment they put in. Rather than letting customers leave your casino and simply praying they will return, taking a more active approach by deploying the right message (such as a behavioural overlay designed specifically for the audience, or even a mini game) at just the right time, has been proven time and time again by iConvert clients to be effective in enhancing key acquisition KPIs and in turn, revenue.

Our intelligent software understands true customer intent, to efficiently deliver messages your visitors want to receive, at the most appropriate moment on their journey.

When greeted with personalised experiences such as mini-games, a potential player will receive the dopamine hit that they crave, whilst also spending more time on the website which increases the chance of conversion. By letting consumers play pre-registration you create a positive experience to encourage more FTDs. For example, the iConvert Scratchcards let potential players chance their luck for an attractive deposit offer, encouraging sign up and first time deposit.

Leaning into your data can also be a massive support when looking to enhance your conversion rates. For example, utilising heatmapping software allows operators to gain a deeper understanding of your user behaviour. Fully understanding your potential players provides you with great insight into any pain points or friction points on the page or, more positively, particular points of interest that are converting well, meaning in the long term you achieve reduced exit rates and enhanced conversion rates.

If you want to find out more about the exciting ways we can support you in boosting conversions, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or drop us an email on hello@iconvert.io!

Lindsey Roberts
Operations Director
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