Enhance player engagement

Not satisfied with simply helping you enhance your onsite engagement, we took it one step further.

Onsite Engagement

We developed the Player Engagement Bar...

The Player Engagement Bar is a simple yet powerful solution that gives you the tools to deliver personalised messages to your anonymous audience before they even identify themselves.

We help you curate personalised messaging, demonstrate recent wins to generate excitement, highlight your website reviews to build social trust... or even interactive scratchcards and mini games to make sure your players are playing, before they have even registered.

Over the years, we have built up an extensive repository of iGaming consumer insight. This means that we are able to help you segment your key website visitors into varied browser profiles, learning from their behavioural cues to create highly personalised browsing experiences - making it more likely that you’re leading your potential players towards successful registrations, FTDs and increases in lifetime values.

How can you improve your player engagement?

Build social proof and trust by creating positive micro-experiences prior to registration

Simulate a pre-registration dopamine hit

Gently interrupt visitors' exit intent to encourage towards registration

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