Increase Onsite Engagement

Engage your potential players by communicating exactly what they need to hear, exactly what they need to hear it.

The iConvert behavioural overlays and smart bar technology are developed specifically to to encourage user interaction, at a point where their behaviour indicates they were about to exit the website.

The why is simple: to demonstrate why the user should stay on site, and to gently guide potential players towards conversion. iConvert’s proprietary software intelligently analyses on-site behaviour to predict the point of disengagement and to dissolve this intent, leading to increases in registrations, FTDs and conversion rate.

We help you do this with the iConvert behavioural overlays - a fantastic way to educate potential players of the benefits of interacting with and becoming loyal to the website.

The iConvert smart bar technology can be used in a variety of different ways to boost engagement with gamification, to highlight offers or reviews and enhance social trust of your brand; all without the player having to leave the website. Fully mobile optimised engagement messages ensure operators can convert visitors on all device types, while remaining Google-compliant.

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Clients using Onsite Engagement from iConvert
  • Casumo
  • Rootz
  • EEG
  • Betika

What you can expect to see

The results speak for themselves
Increase in registrations
Increase in FTD’s
Return on investment
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