Onsite Analytics

Onsite analytics allows operators to truly understand their potential players’ needs and wants; being able to provide them with exactly what is needed, and when.

How does our Onsite Analytics work?

Without knowing exactly what your potential players want, you will struggle to provide just what they need.

The iConvert Onsite Analytics services provide you with a far deeper insight into what is working, and what’s not - meaning you can fully optimise your online casino website for conversion, and tailor it to your specific audience’s needs. For you, this means increases in registrations, conversion rate and FTDs.


Find out what’s hot, and what’s not

Heatmapping is a fantastic tool for operators to be able to naturally ascertain what potential players are seeking, and where they are coming across hurdles.The best way to truly understand your potential players is to let them show you what is working, and what is not. The iConvert heatmapping software tracks mouse click and scroll positions, showing you where on your website is getting the most hits and where could use some work.


It’s so easy to integrate!

Just one line of code is all you need to implement to integrate with iConvert. Yes, it’s really that simple! We take on all the complicated stuff on our side, all you need to do is add a single line of code to your <head> tag, or add it via Google Tag Manager in just 5 clicks.


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